DIY: Wood Cutting Board

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How to make a wooden cutting board in 7 easy steps. 

Every person CAN make their own wood cutting boards 

7 Step Cutting Boards

Last Christmas I had the pleasure of working on a wooden cutting board and I fell in love. It was so nice, really, it was one of the greatest cooking experiences I’ve had in a long time. I’ve always loved the look of wooden cutting boards, but could never justify the price of purchasing one. But after that one experience, I can honestly say that I would happily spend the money. But then, why would I spend that kind of money when I could just make my own. 

My Rationale 

  • Wood cutting boards are more sanitary 
  • Better for my knives 
  • Made of renewable resources 
  • Better for the environment 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Looks nicer 
  • I really don’t like plastic, and my current (plastic) cutting board is getting old

How I did it

  1. Cut wood toapproximately size and glue sides together. Use a clamp to keep them pressed together  


  2. Run cutting board through planer (or if you don’t have a planer, just sand it)  


  3. Cut the cutting board into your desired shape 
  4. Use a router to add some shape to the edges (or leave square if you prefer) of your cutting board 
  5. Sand until smooth, then sand some more. You really want a smooth finish on your cutting board to start 
  6. Wash the cutting board with soap and water. Let dry overnight 
  7. Oil the wood (on both sides – I used coconut oil as that’s what I had on hand, but will be investing in mineral oil and beeswax for future treatments), to prevent warping and cracking. Let the oil soak into the wood. Your board should be ready to use the following day. 

Cutting Board Collage

Which do you prefer, wood or plastic? 

Seven Easy Steps to a Cutting Board

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Wood Cutting Board

  1. You are quite the handy woman! You could set up your own shop. I like that you made the cutting board round. We don’t have the tools or the place to work in, but I like the idea of creating and that sense of accomplishment. Thanks for the visit! Diane

  2. Nice! I’m always thinking of diy projects, but my own cutting board hadn’t ever crossed my mind. Perhaps because of the lack of tools….maybe I’ll ask my dad to make me one 😉

    Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop!

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