2015 To-Do List

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So for 2015 I have a long list of things I would like to accomplish, with a budget of $100 a month (for a total of $1,200 for the year) to do them. For some I have everything I need to complete the project, for others, it’s going to take some money. I will however continue to look for ways to reduce the cost of each project. Stay tuned to see how I do. 

2015 To-Do List - The Questionable Homesteader


Ladder Shelf – Budget = $20

As I would like to turn the closet in my bathroom into a pantry to store canning and such, I will need somewhere to store the towels. 

Drawers in the Tall Bathroom Cabinet – Budget = $35

This cabinet is 24 inches deep, but I’m only utilizing the first six to nine inches of it as anything past that ends up never getting used. By turning these shelves into drawers, I’m hoping to utilize the whole 24 inches. This would increase my storage immensely and open up space for some other things that I’ve wanted to try but didn’t have the space. 

Pantry – Budget = Free

As mentioned above, I would like to use this closet as a pantry. To do this I will need to add stronger shelves and more user-friendly to that of a pantry. 


Night Stands – Budget = $80

OK so I have a small room (9 1/2 x 9 1/2) and because of this I put shelving units (the 6 foot kind) in instead of night stands. Due to the size of the room and the fact that there is only 12 inches between the wall (where the bed sits) and the closet door it is very difficult to find a night table that fit and still allowed the closet door to open. I despise the book shelves, have for years. Finally I’m going to do something about it.  

Artwork – Budget = Free

Another reason for the book shelves in my bedroom is that the electrical panel is on the wall behind the book shelf…so in removing the book shelves in favor of an actual night stands, I will have to come up with something that will hide the eyesore. 

Paint – Budget = Free

Several years ago I painted my room a dark purple. To this day I still love it, and lucky for me I still have some paint left over. There are currently some holes in the walls that need a bit of touch up and as I plan on redesigning my closet, it will need a good paint job. So it’s going to be the same color, just a bit fresher. 

Redesign Closet – Budget = $20

When my house was built, the closet was built to only have a bar in it. Not a closet organizer. I have a closet organizer. Because of this, Because of this, only about 4 feet of the closet is usable, while the other 2 feet collect junk…

I also have two very different sets of clothing. One set for working in, and one set that I’m allowed to be seen in public in. I however need a very distinct divide between the two as sometimes the pretty cloths end up being worn for work…There really is not many clothing items as I tend to where the same thing regardless of the selection, so I just stopped buying thing that I don’t where. I do however have clothing I wear for summer and clothing I wear for winter. All stuffed into that lovely 4 foot section. In addition to this, I have all my under garments and such in the closet too. 

I would like to design it so that the “work” clothes are on one side, and the “pretty” clothes are on the other. Remove the clothing that I’m not wearing, so that I only have winter clothing in winter, and summer clothing in summer. I would like to then put all my accessories between the two sides. I will also need to find a place to store my shoes. 

Bed Frame – Budget = $200

I’ve got one of those old metal frames that came with the bed in use right now, which works, but doesn’t bring anything extra to the room. I also don’t have a dresser so I’ve shoved stored everything in the closet. This however is no longer working for me, and I need to find an alternative to this method. Because of this, I would like a bed frame with drawers, that could double as my dresser. I could store the clothing I’m not wearing that season, the clothing I would like to some day fit (working on this, and not ready to get rid of them yet), along with some other things. Right now the space under the bed is going to waste, and when you don’t have that much room, wasted space is not that appealing. 

Headboard – Budget = $60

Currently I have a lovely upholstered headboard that I made several years ago.  It’s nice, but I’ve grown rather board with it. It’s time for a change. 

Craft Room/Home Office

 Crafting Table – Budget = $210

 Oh the crafting table. Oh how I’ve dreamed of the day. I’ve spent much time planning you out in my head, and for the last year or so, I haven’t made any changes to you. It’s time, you became a reality. 

Open Front Cabinets – Budget = Free

As I will be getting rid of my desk to have the crafting table, I will need a “desk”. I will also need a dedicated area for my sewing machine, and lots of storage. 

Storage Baskets – Budget = Free

To provide hidden storage in the open front cabinets. 

Pegboard – Budget = $30

I’m going to put a pegboard along the one wall, as somethings just don’t fit in baskets. This should help keep them organized and neat looking. 


 Coat Rack – Budget = $20

So the hangers I had holding my jackets fell off the wall….apparently I had too much weight on it. So now I have three holes where the screws used to be and nowhere to put my jackets when I come in from outside. 

Storage Boxes – Budget = Free

More storage!!! Between the dog, cat, and myself, we have a lot of stuff. Little has leashes and collars, brushes and bells (bears), jackets and nail trimmers. Then there’s the treats and jackets. Lily, OK well Lily doesn’t have that much, just treats and a brush. But then there is me, I have jackets, hats, gloves, scarfs, neck warmers, and for the summer there is bug spray and sun block. I need somewhere to store it all, and make it look neat. 


Last Shelf – Budget = Free

Remember a couple of years ago when I redid my kitchen? Ya well, I’ve still got one shelf left to put up. There is two holes left to drill into that tile and then basically it’s done. Two holes, that’s it, and I still haven’t finished them. But I need to suck it up and finish it. Check it off the list. 

Grout Tiles – Budget = Free

 Similar to the shelf, I need to grout the tiles. Grouting is not my strong suit, I just don’t have the wrist strength, so I’ve been putting it off. I have however come up with a plan on how I can do it without hurting my wrist. 

Kitchen Island – Budget = $175

Oh the island, how I’ve dreamed about you. The only reason this one hasn’t been done it the money thing. But I’m hoping to get this done for as little as possible.  

Storage Boxes – Budget = Free

Pretty decorative boxes to hold all the junk that the open shelves don’t hide. I estimate the need for 7…

Plate Rack – Budget = $5

Right now, all my plates are stacked on the shelf. Which works, but it’s kind of a pain to try and grab a dinner plate (or put the dinner plate away after it’s been washed) when it’s at the bottom of the stack. I’m hoping with the plate rack they will be more accessible. 

Living Room

“C” Table – Budget = $35

I’m one of those people who sits on the couch to work on her lap top and to eat. Technically, I have a desk, but I more or less never use it. Occasionally I will get it in my head that I’m going to start using it, but in the end, I just sit on the couch with my lap top and do my work. The “C” Table is shaped like a C, and the legs slide under the couch, while the top fits over you providing you with a table to work on. Really, for people like me, perfect. 

Nesting Tables – Budget = $45

So as I work from my couch, sometimes I need extra places to put things while I’m working (a problem I would not have if I just used the desk), but at the end of the day, I still want the place to look like I don’t work from the couch nice and clean. In addition to this, I really hate the end tables that I have now and look forward to the day that I can get rid of them. 

Rolling End Table – Budget = $45

So like the nesting tables, this table will allow me to get rid of the offending table I have now. This one however will be solid on three sides, and be open on the forth with a shelf in it to store stuff that I use regularly while working. I want them close at hand, but when I’m not working, I want to be able to move it away and have it look like any other table. 

Curtain Rod – Budget = $35

So when I moved into my current place 10 years ago, I made some curtains for in the living room. I still to this day love them, however at the time I didn’t have the funds to buy a curtain rod, so instead I used tension wire. It was to be a temporary fix, but it’s still there. This year I’m getting a real curtain rod. 

Dog Bed Frame – Budget = $40

So I know that many build these for aesthetic reasons, as it helps finish off the room and make it so the bed doesn’t look like an after thought, but for me, it’s a bit more functional. You see, I have a romba vacuüm and it doesn’t vacuüm under the dog bed unless I pick it up off the ground. By building a bed frame for Little’s bed, I wont have to lift it off the ground any more. The vacuüm can just do it’s thing without my assistance. 

Toy Box – Budget = Free

Oh poor Little. I stick all of her toys into one of those green plastic grocery containers that you get from Superstore. It’s a big eye sore so I usually try to hide it… it’s time she got a real toy box. So long as it doesn’t cost me anything. 🙂 

TV Frame – Budget = Free

Remember when I built my entertainment unit, and I said that the TV was too small for the wall and I needed to either get a bigger TV or find a way to make my current TV look bigger. Well I’m finally going to do it, no new TV for this girl, a pretty new frame is all I need. 



I addition to my To-Do List, I will be spending the year working on my Goal for 2015, found in my Defining the Dream post.

Wish me luck.

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