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My wood fairy SLP was at it again. Giving me free wood, who doesn’t love a good wood fairy.

I first saw this bed side table on i $ave a2z and fell in love, and then the lovely wood fairy offered me some free wood and I saw these pieces that would be perfect for this table. You got to love that.

Bed Side Table - The Questionable Homesteader

Here’s how I made it.

I started by measuring my free moldy wood.

Moldy Wood - Bed Side Table


I then cut my pieces, and brushed off some of the dirt/saw dust ext…  Here is a close up of the wood before sanding. Don’t you just love what the mold does to the wood (all of those blue colors are mold).

Close up of Wood - Bed Side Table

I then sanded it down, at this point I probably should mention that when dealing with moldy wood you should always where a mask until it is sealed. You do not want to breathe any of those particles in.

After sanding, I gave all pieces a wash to brighten it up and see exactly what it would look like if I just applied the sealer…

Sanded - Bed Side Table


OK so I can not tell you how much I loved this look. I mean really that’s all natural, just a bit of soap and water. Sadly though it did not work with the space I was putting it in πŸ™ (lucky for me I have some pieces left over that I think I can use in the kitchen…)

So I dug out my favorite stain

Jacobean Stain

and applied it.

Stained - Bed Side Table

I have to confess, I applied it differently than I would normally. I was lazy. All I did was brush it on and leave it. That’s it, that was my technique for this project. Normally I apply the stain and immediately wipe it off. But I wanted it to really penetrate the wood this time as I was planning on using my belt sander to sand it.

I wanted it dark, but I still wanted the wood grain to really stand out.

After that I glued and screwed everything into place (I’ve learned from experience that it is easier for me to stain everything before putting it together πŸ˜‰ ) See how the grain stands out in this picture.

Glued & Screwed - Bed Side Table


I put a bracket on each side, just to keep everything square.

Adding Bracket - Bed Side Table


From there I use Elmer’s Wood Filler (in natural) to fill any holes. I prefer the squeeze tube, the rest of my family however prefers the tub. I recommend trying both to find your preference. Then I let everything dry. I went over the filler with a Q-tip dipped in stain, and applied until the filler matched the wood (sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this process).

After that I attached the wheels (I picked 4 up from Home Depot for $2 each)

Wheels - Bed Side Table


Turned it over, and gave it a light sanding. Washed any dust off and let it dry, in preparation for the sealant. I use


Personally I love this stuff. It’s easy to apply, ready for sanding within 2 hours (at least that’s how long I wait before I sand and re apply), and dries clear. And clean up is a breeze.

For this project I applied 4 coats of sealer with a light sanding between each coating, as I really wanted it sealed.

Finished - Bed Side Table

I really love the result. This table is great, it rolls up and down my bed, I can lounge in bed and work on my lap top (my mouse doesn’t work very well on the bed, and I don’t like not using it…), I can have breakfast in bed without worrying about getting stuff on the bed (have you ever tried to have pancakes in bed? well if you’re like me, don’t do it without one of these), and when I don’t want it over the bed I can just push it up against the wall without it taking up too much space (my bedroom is only 9×9 so this is a big deal for me).

Best part, I can bring it out of my room when I’m entertaining for an extra table to put appy’s on πŸ™‚ Yay!

Alright, enough about this fabulous table that I love so much. I need your help. I have about 5 feet of this wonderful wood left over, and it is 9 inches by 1.5 inches, and I want to use it in my kitchen, to be placed on the open shelves to store things. WHAT SHOULD I MAKE? I <3 Love <3 how the wood looks without stain and would like to utilize this feature. Check out my DIY Home Accessories or my Kitchen Ideas Pinterest boards for ideas on what I’m digging right now, or just come up with your own idea.

I would really love to hear from you.

I’ll be sharing at these awesome parties. Check out my party page to share the love. 

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37 thoughts on “Bed Side Table

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    • Thank you Alli. I hate to admit it but I just finished walking the dog and it’s raining fairly hard so I’m currently curled up in bed with a wet dog, dry cat and my lap top. It’s days like to day that I’m thankful that I made this table.

  2. Wow, I love this. What a great idea and it turned out beautiful.
    I love seeing someone create something like this and I love anything recreated out of wood. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    • Thanks Suzanne. I love inspiring people. I’ve been using it a lot for my lap top, sadly I live alone so if I’m getting breakfast in bed at this point it’s because I cooked it then crawled back into bed…

    • She’s an old friend of the family that I help out regularly. Her husband was a wood worker/turner and he had a lot of wood left over when he passed…

    • Thanks Anna, I will most likely end up making some kind of box for on the shelves, but I’m not sure if I will be using this wood for it or some other wood.

    • Thanks Stephanie. I personally would not buy it from Ikea, it’s way too easy to make myself and considerably cheaper. As far as sturdiness goes I would not sit on it and you do have to go slow when rolling it as it will tip (top heavy and not overly wide).
      I’m still trying to figure out what to make with the left over wood so it may take some time.
      Thanks for stopping bye

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