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I’m a quilter, have been since I was 16. I have a lot of quilts. Some I’ve given away over the years, and some I’ve kept. As a result, I needed somewhere to store them, that would not take up a lot of space, but would still be attractive. Because of this,  I decided to make a quilt ladder.

I searched pinterest (because that’s what I do when I’m looking for inspiration) and found that I kept going back to the ladder. I loved it, and there are so many fun and interesting ways that people have used it.

Best part about the ladder was that it would meet all of my needs. It was attractive, it would hold multiple quilts, it would not take up much space, and it would not cost a lot to make.

Win Win for me 🙂

DIY Quilt Ladder - The Questionable Homesteader


This quilt ladder was very easy to make.

First, I started with 2 pieces 7 feet long, and 5 pieces that where 14 inches long. I then proceeded to screw and glue them together, with the risers spaced 13 inches apart.

Sorry, I apparently forgot to take pictures of this process.

From there, I sanded it all down, and stained it with my favorite stain, Minwax’s Jacobean.

Let it dry the required 4 hours (I personally don’t push this time, however I do know people that do and they are never upset about it). \ DIY Quilt Ladder - Stained

After the staining process, I gave it a quick sanding to give it a kind of distressed look (basically, I just sanded where I would put my hands if I was using it as a ladder). Washed it all down and started the sealing process.

DIY Quilt Ladder - Sealed


I applied three coats of sealer, giving it a light sanding in between each coat.

I then brought it inside, and hung up my quilts.

DIY Quilt Ladder - The Questionable Homesteader

Very happy with the end result.

So what do you think? Do you have some extra quilts laying around that need a home?

I’ll be sharing at these awesome parties. Check out my party page to share the love. 

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21 thoughts on “DIY Quilt Ladder

    • Thank you Christina, and Thank you for hosting Thursday Sweet Haute. I really love link parties, and appreciate how much work actually goes into one behind the seines.

    • Thank you Krista, I don’t know why, but for some reason your comments always make me smile (or laugh). As for the ladder, who says you have to put quilts on it (ok yes quilts are better, but I might be bias on this…) I have a regular old blanket on the bottom rung…

    • I know is’t great. I really love it and it was supper easy to make. If you where thinking about buying one don’t, really. The wood was only $6.50 (plus tax) at Home Depot, and you can make it in an afternoon.

  1. Ladders are so great for storing things. This is a great idea for storing and showcasing your lovely quilts! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays!

    • Thank you Deborah. Ladders really are great for storing things, which I find rather funny as a couple of months ago I would never have thought to use a ladder for storing anything. Lucky for me there is pinterest, and they are more than happy to keep me informed on these things 😉

      And Thank you for hosting What We Accomplished Wednesdays, I really enjoy it.

  2. Love the idea! I have been collecting quilts for the last few years and just have been putting them in a closet, never really knew how to display them…..I may just have to borrow your ladder idea! Diane

    • Thank you Diane! I too had been storing mine for years, and I hated the fact that they where just hiding away, or if I was using them, I had no where to put them when not in use. I’m very happy with my ladder, as it takes up little space, but stores several quilts.

  3. Great idea! I do have quilts in my trunk, but I also have cats and dogs. May I ask a question what keeps the ladder from tipping over? TYA

    • Hi Frani,
      Thank you for the question.
      I also have a cat and dog (both fairly young, so full of energy) and I haven’t had any problems so far with tipping, however there is always the possibility that it will. So far I just have it leaning against the wall, with all the quilts going behind the rungs (to keep it tipped in that direction) and that seems to be enough (it’s also on laminate so their is nothing for it to grip on to). However if it does become a problem, I will probably pick up some rubber feet from home depot.
      Hope this helps.

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