DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit

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So as part of my kitchen renovation, I build a kitchen shelving unit for at the end of my counter beside the dishwasher. It is only 8 1/2 inches wide, but I think it will add to the over all effect of the whole kitchen. It also gives you a sneak peek at what my base cabinets are going to look like… 😉

I decide to leave the bottom open as it is also where I have Little’s food and water dishes.

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Cover

I mostly just used scraps for this project…

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Cut Wood


I glued and nailed them together

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Pieced Together


And then from there I added the bead board to the back and one side.

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Pieced


I then added some white melamine veneer to the edges to clean it up a bit, and painted it.

After that I added the boards to the side to finish it off

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Final Stage


I found it much easier to paint the bead board before adding the outer edge and painting it instead of trying to do it all at once.

I finished up the painting and brought it into the house.

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Placed


At this point I had thought I was finished, well at least until I started writing this post and editing the pictures…

Do you see it? The piece that stands out like a sore thumb to me… Do you see the join? I do. And now that I see it, I have to fix it or it’s just going to continue to stand out to me 🙁

So I cut another piece of the pre-glued melamine veneer that I had used for the edges and ironed it down the line

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Melamine

and then I painted it.

DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit - Finished

So what do you think?

I’m loving the fact that I’m one more step closer to the finished product, my kitchen 😀

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14 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Shelving Unit

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  2. It looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  3. I love the cabinet/shelf unit you built. It’s a great place to keep the food dish and water dish accessible but out of the way at the same time. When my dogs were alive many years ago (I did not get new pets when the last doggy died in 2004), I used to kick over the water bowl at least once a week! Now that cabinet is begging for some colorful pottery pieces and china, some flowers in little glass pepper shakers and cookbooks! In fact, now you’ve got me thinking about how I might be able to pull my cookbooks out from a lower cabinet next to the stove. I saw the gap between the side and the face piece you added to trim out the end of the cabinet. First thing I thought was “caulk.” Not that I’m an expert, by any means, ha! But I’ve seen the caulk to the rescue on literally dozens of d-i-y websites on a lot of different projects and always come out with great looking results. If I ever do such a project (highly doubtful, but never say never) that would be a key tool I would have at hand. Wouldn’t have occurred to me to use melamine iron-on facing!

    • Thank you so much, and yes I’m very much looking forward to adding the decor items to it, just waiting until I finish the rest of the kitchen. Caulk is a great thing, I however am out of it at the moment and didn’t want to run to the store…the melamine was handy…

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