DIY Butcher Block Counter

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For years I have been in love with Butcher Block Counter Tops, and with the renovation of my kitchen I decided that I was going to make a fake version of them. I was all set, I had found a tutorial  and I was all set to start making them. But then something remarkable happened. A friend gave me enough wood to make real butcher block counters, for free. How great is that!

DIY Butcher Block Counters - The Questionable Homesteader

So I hauled home my wood, stacked it all nicely, and started ripping it… then remembered to take a picture… sorry, so here is about half of the wood pre ripping.

Wood Pile for Butcher Block Counter

Is it not the nicest little pile you ever did see. Ok maybe I’m a little bias but hey it was free.

Here is the pile after ripping

Cut Wood for Butcher Block Counter

Oh how I loved that pile of wood…

I then started to lay it all out, but then I remembered that Mr. I loves these sorts of things, and he has a great eye for color and texture.

Laying Out the Butcher Block Counter

He was so happy to lay it all out, that Little had to get in on the action.

Layout of Butcher Block Counter

From there, I trimmed off the ends, to square it off, and proceeded to put it through the planner.

Plaining the pieces for the butcher block counter

Mr. I wanted to help see the project through to the end. From there, we started gluing it together. We decided the best place to do this was in my place, within the kitchen. As we needed a flat surface and the kitchen was the only place we could think of.

Glued Butcher Block Counter

We used several clamps during the process to hold it all together during the drying process.

After that, I used the belt sander to sand it all down, and smooth out any imperfections.

I then cut the slab into the pieces I would need for the counter top, and took it outside to stain.

Cut & Stained Butcher Block Counter

I then laid the sink on the bottom and cut out the holes for the faucet.

Placing The Sink for the Butcher Block Counter

Turned over the counter top and traced out where the sink hole would go.

Tracing the Sink for the Butcher Block Counter

And I cut out the sink

Sink Cut in the Butcher Block Counter

I then attached the sink

Sink Attached to Butcher Block Counter

From there I attached the counter top to the cabinets, and started applying the sealer. I did 5 coats of sealer, as I didn’t want any problems in the future.

Butcher Block Counters - The Questionable Homesteader

Personally I love the end results. I am however only giving you a sneak of the counter top as there are more tutorials to come…starting with the sink itself…
I’ll be sharing at these awesome parties. Check out my party page to share the love. 

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54 thoughts on “DIY Butcher Block Counter

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  2. Oh my goodness! This is the most amazing thing! We have been discussing redoing our kitchen that was last done in the early 70’s (orange laminate counter tops and avocado green sink!) and I have been thinking about butcher block counter tops to go along with all the rest of the wood in our 1900 home! I never even thought of DIYing it! Thank you so much!

    • Thank you Janice, I love mine, and they really where not as hard as I had expected them to be (they where work, just not that difficult). I’ve never understood the orange and green of the 70s but I assume that some day somebody will say the same about some of the color choices of this decade. As for DIYing them, it really was not in my budget to purchase ones already made… Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This looks so great! I Had no Idea there was so much involved in a butcher block counter! thank you so much for linking up at my Furniture and Paint Party I hope to see you again tonight!!

    brooke recently posted…And School Begins….My Profile

  4. Oh, my! What a wonderful project – and I love that you got the little Mister in on it! He did a wonderful job – the butcherblock counter looks perfect! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

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  7. Great job. I love what people can do with a little hard work and imagination. I will be interested to see how well it holds up. I am going to start following you on Blog Lovin’ so I remember to check back in!
    Manda Wolf recently posted…Building a Front DeckMy Profile

  8. Well this just looks great! I don’t know that I would ever have the patience to cut and glue that much wood, but it sure is pretty! You did an awesome job!

    • Thank you Abby.
      I didn’t mind the cutting or the gluing too much as I was able to see progress quickly. The sanding however, I can fulling admit is not my favorite chore…

    • Thank you Kimberly, I love them. The most labor intensive part was the sanding, they didn’t dry as flat as I had wanted and ended up spending several hours sanding. Other than that, it really wasn’t difficult, just time consuming.

    • Thank you Kim,

      I have to confess there where several times I questioned my sanity during this project, but I’m so completely in love with the end result, that given some time I might do it again…

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