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So for years I have felt that the entrance to my place is kinda ho-hum. There’s nothing really special about it. I live in a cabin at the back of my parents property and my mother loves to garden. So for the longest time I would comfort myself with my boring front entrance with the fact that all of my guests had to walk  through my mother’s garden before getting to my front door… 2013-06-11-24

You have to walk through the gate to the back yard…



Once you open that gate this is what you see…see the little place that the top right corner of the picture? That’s my place. But you have to walk through the garden to get there…



And some how people seem to take a wrong turn along the path and end up ….



Lost by the water…It’s ok, I understand. It’s hard to stay focused on your destination when you can relax by the pond.

So I’ve been trying to think of ways to encourage people to come to my front door…  without getting lost on your way there…

Now I accept that I will never be able to compete with this, it is after all 20 + years in the making,  and I’m planning to someday buy a home of my own so I’m more or less restricted to cheep temporary options…

I was drawing a blank… I had no idea what I could do… I was too focused on the big picture, and forgot that these things take time. My mother created her garden one plant at a time, and I needed to focus on adding one thing at a time to help guests arrive at their final destination without the detour (it is after all better to tour the garden with a glass of wine in your hand…) and then I saw it.

Rustic Pig Designs Ironing Board

Claire from Rustic Pig Designs published her Vintage Ironing Board Turned Welcome Sign post; I fell in love.

I was inspired. Maybe I didn’t need some big grand entrance. I do live in a cottage after all. Maybe a simple welcome sign would be enough. I can always add to it as inspiration strikes.

So I went for it.  2013-05-21-7

I didn’t have a vintage ironing board 🙁 so I had to improvise.



I started with 4 1x4s and nailed them together. I sanded and I stained, then I sanded some more.

And then the fun part… I borrowed a projector to trace the lettering onto the “Surf Board” as my family took to calling it.


From there it was a matter of painting the letters, sanding, sealing, and placing.

Sounds easy right?

Only problem. I forgot to measure the height of the planters going in front of the sign, or account for the height of any plants that may go into said planters…



What there’s supposed to be an E in WELCOME. No Way! So then I had to find something to prop up the sign…



Found a left over brick from when mom did the brick work in the garden…



Almost there…but not quite. Only I couldn’t find anything else I could “borrow” that nobody would notice missing…and I was feeling a little cheep. So I asked my mother if I could steal/borrow something to lift the sign a little bit more. Have I mentioned that I have the worlds best mother? If not then I probably should, because she found me this



Which lifted my sign enough that you could clearly see that there was in fact an E on WELCOME.



Even from Lily’s view.

So what do you think? Will my welcome sign help draw them through the garden to my front door? Or do I need something else? Any ideas on how I can take it further?

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36 thoughts on “Welcome Sign

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful personal garden Your mom did an awesome job.
    I LOVE your Welcome sign …..it looks amazing.

    • Thank you, and yes she really did a great job on the garden. It was several years in the making, but well worth the effort. I sometimes look forward to the day I buy my own place so I can take what I’ve learned from her and create my own backyard oasis.

  2. I would love to make one of these! My home is has a sort of cabin feel to it, and it would be perfect for it. Thank you so much for participating in our link party last week. We hope to see you at our next Blog Strut Linky Party at mypersonalaccent.com!

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  4. Your welcome boards add so much charm to your home. Love it!

    We would love it if you would join our Saturday Show Us How You Rock Link Party with this post or any of your other posts! It starts every Friday at 6pm, hope we see you there.


    • Thank you so much Tracy. I had had your link party listed as Saturday Mornings on my party page, but I’ll be moving you to Friday Nights. You can plan to see me their regularly.

  5. Hi Ricki, I think that your new welcome sign is simply fantastic! Looks great surrounded by your wonderful pots. Your mothers garden is beautiful, but it’s easy to see that you inherited much of her talent. So happy to have you share with Share Your Cup. Oh, and I have an old ironing board that will be made into a Welcome board now too.

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  7. The garden is beautiful! Thanks for coming by and sharing this at Fluster’s Creative Muster. Now that you found us I hope you’ll be back.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

    • Thanks Robin, and I do plan on stopping by Fluster’s Creative Muster regularly. I’ve included it on my list of must attend parties 😉 Thanks for hosting it.

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  9. I love this project and want to make one too! Wow, what a gorgeous garden and a little walk for people to get to your home. I wish I could say the entrance to my home was as gorgeous. Thanks for sharing at Redoux!

  10. Lovely (and not gonna lie, the screen door is fantastic). The sign is very warming. Might have to try this one. Thanks for the inspiration. Coming from Life Inspired.

  11. Wow…so not hohum! I would love to have a garden entrance like that and being that its your mom’s you get to enjoy it without the labor too….jealous. Love the sign great job love the screen door too, looks so inviting I just want to come over and grab a cup of coffee!

  12. Well now… this is too cute.
    I have a ‘design dilemma’ on my porch…and I’m looking for a cover up… this might do the trick!
    I’m going to pin this and keep it in mind!

  13. I think this sign really gave your entrance a touch of cozyness!!! It looks very integrated and harmonious with the planters and the rest of the garden… I´m seriously considering to make one myself (I´m pretty sure that there is a vintage iron table in my parent´s storage room… perhaps I´ll go for it!) Thanks for the inspiration, visiting from The Creative HomeAcre Hop, hugs.

  14. I think it’s great that people can enjoy a relaxing walk through a garden to your door – it’s perfect.

    I love the sign you made as well. You could take the medium sized planter & move it to the other side of the door, leaving the tallest & smallest ones by the sign. See if you like that look better.

  15. I think it’s perfect! You wouldn’t want some fancy-schmancy thing welcoming people when you live in a rustic type cabin. This is absolutely PERFECT and it looks wonderful! I’d feel welcomed if I saw that!

  16. I love your back door sign! Your whole back yard is lovely too, so it is a nice walk right up to a pretty back door. You’ve inspired me! Shalom!

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