Building a Pantry for $15

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Build a Pantry for 15

I’ve wanted a pantry for some time now. Or should I say, I’ve needed a pantry for some time now… Regardless, for me it was important as I needed a singular place to store canned goods. You see I’ve wanted to get into canning, but I had nowhere to store the fruit’s of my labor, let alone the empty canning jars. As it was, when I went to a case lot sale (there’s a couple of grocery stores in my area that have them twice a year and they are always worth participating in) I would try to find placed to stuff the cans. Often forgetting what I had, or even where I put it. This often led to frustration, and the purchase of items that I did not need. Can we say, big waste of time and money. So for me, a pantry was greatly needed. So much so that I was more than happy to convert a closet in my house. 

My Rationale

  • A pantry would give me a single place to store all canned goods
  • I would easily be able to tell what I had on hand
  • I would have space to store the empty canning jars (as they emptied) 
  • Would reduce a lot the frustration of trying to find somewhere to store something 
  • Would save me time and money
  • I could use items I already had on hand to turn the closet into a pantry 

I’ve now been using the pantry for a couple of months now, although I haven’t put any of my canning in it yet (it’s still early, and canning hasn’t started yet), and I’m truly thrilled with my decision. I almost wonder why it took me so long to finely make the conversion. For me, it’s the best decision I ever made, I may want to pretty it up in the future, but for now it is functional, and that’s what matters. 

How I did it

  1. First I removed everything from the closet
  2. Then I cleaned the walls and measured it up
  3. I found some wood that I could use; measured, cut, and sanded it
  4. Using a level, I attached the shelf supports to the wall
  5. Before adding the shelves, I decided to add the rod I planned on using for my spices. For this I used a piece of doweling I had on hand, 2 Round Screw Hooks, 20 S Hooks, and a package of Binder Clips. 
  6. I attached the screw hooks to a piece of wood, and attached the wood to the ceiling. After that, I slid the S hooks onto the doweling, and placed the doweling into the curve of the round screw hooks.  Pantry - Spice Holder
  7. Using the binder clips, I hung my extra spices. I also labelled each of the spice bags along the side for easier referencing, and hung them in alphabetical order. 
  8. Once the spices where in place, I added the shelving boards and loaded up the shelves.  Pantry - Middle
  9. I also purchased some 3M Command Hooks, rated to 3 and 5 pounds, to hold my step ladder and a metal bag holder thing (I’m not really sure what it’s called, but it holds the bag open for me so it’s easier to fill), however they ended up pulling off the wall… 🙁 So I will most likely be adding a couple more Round Screw Hooks to hold these things. 

This entire project cost my around $15 and took approximately 2 hours to complete. 

Would you give up storage space in your home for a pantry? 

How to Build a Pantry for 15

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13 thoughts on “Building a Pantry for $15

    • Oh how I would love to convert a walk in into a pantry. I tend to keep a small wardrobe so any kind of walk in closet would be best served (in my house) as a pantry. Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. We put an old cabinet downstairs so that I could make a pantry cabinet where the top has the smaller canned goods and the bottom holds spaghetti sauce and other big items. I love it because it means that nothing goes to waste and I just have to rotate the older stuff forward. I used to go through it ever 6 months and pull the items that were going to expire so I knew what we had to use but I haven’t done that in awhile. We are getting ready to move into our new house and I am super excited to figure out how I am going to have a pantry space in the new house. I have already looked at a few different places but I saved a bookcase and I think that I am going to use that in the basement for the short term and see how it works. Great tips on storing the spices which is a never ending battle for me!!
    Alison at NOVA Frugal Family recently posted…Thrifty Thursday: What Did I Make This Week?My Profile

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  5. Hi there! Very nice pantry! This post won the featured spot on this week’s Simple Saturdays blog hop! Congratulations. Feel free to grab the featured button and display it on your blog. Thanks for linking up and we hope to see you back this week.
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  6. Hi Ricki,
    Great post! We have also converted our utility room to a pantry and I haven’t looked back since. I consider it the most important room in the house since it stores the food for our daily survival. Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by (and hosting the Art of Home-Making Mondays) Jes. Oh how I would love a utility room to convert.

  7. Great post! We have also converted our utility room to a pantry and I haven’t looked back since. I consider it the most important room in the house since it stores the food for our daily survival. Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays 🙂

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