Setting Priorities & Organizing My Life

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Organizing My Life - The Questionable Homesteader 2

For the last couple of months I’ve felt that I’ve been floundering. At the end of August my health took a turn, and ever since then, I’ve been struggling. Getting your life back on track after it’s been turned upside down is not always an easy feat. I have several things that need to get done, and the time to do it all. However I haven’t had the motivation/drive to do it, so most days I accomplished nothing. Part of this is health (my body tires fast as it needs time to heal), part of it is depression (a common side effect of being sick for so long), and some of it is a lack of organization.

I needed to set my priorities and work toward accomplishing them. I needed a good kick in the rear. And I got it, from a very unsuspecting source (her intention was not to give me a kick in the rear, it was to inspire), you see I read The Princess & Her Cowboys‘s post To-Do List Confessions. And it gave me the motivation I needed. 

In it she suggests breaking your To-Do list into High Priority Tasks, Visible Tasks, and Tasks You Want To-Do. So I sat down and started to write my To-Do list in my agenda, only to stop as there is limited room in the agenda (it’s only 12 * 17 cm) and there are several “tasks” that I want/need to do daily. This led me to asking myself what are my goals, what do I want to accomplish.  Which led to this lovely post….

I asked myself 3 questions:

  1. What do I want
  2. How will I achieve this
  3. What can I do daily to reach my goals.

To the What Do I Want question, I answered:

  • To be healthy
  • To be organized
  • To have an organized home
  • To have a well trained dog
  • To be a full time blogger
  • To be debt free
  • To own my own home

To the How Will I Achieve This (goals)  question, I answered:

  • I will work to live a healthy lifestyle
  • I will use my day planner
  • I will maintain a clean home
  • I will work on confidence boosting exercises and socializing for the dog
  • I will increase my followers by 30 people every month
  • I will complete a budget every month

To the What Can I Do Daily To Reach My Goals question, I answered:

  • Exercise
  • Eat more nutritional foods (less junk food)
  • Drink more water
  • Write my daily goals/tasks in my day planner
  • Straighten up the house every night before I go to bed, ensure that everything has a place to live (or get rid of it)
  • Do trick training/confidence boosting exercises
  • Take the dog for walks in areas more prone to people
  • Edit photos
  • Write blog post
  • Edit blog post
  • Participate in link parties
  • Comment/Share on Facebook/Pinterest
  • Identify one way to cut down on my spending

There will also be other things that I will need to complete to meet my short term goals, these will be this things I write in my day planner (4th bullet in “What Can I Do Daily”). My plan is to write them in my planner as Britney suggested in her post; High Priority, Visible, Want.

Because I find things work better for me when I write them down, I put each of them on a different colored 12 * 10 cm card stock, I also included one with my short term goals (like finish the kitchen).

My hope in doing this it that I will be able to take back control over my life, break things up into small manageable pieces, and not over whelm myself, all while working toward my long term goals.

So what do you do to organize your life?
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2 thoughts on “Setting Priorities & Organizing My Life

  1. THANK YOU! Such simple advice, yet exactly what I needed. I turned anothere year and am so disappointed with my life. I search pinterest for links and found yours. I’m going to start using it right away!!!

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