2015 Budget Challenge – March

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OK so this is a post/series that I have wanted to write for a very long time. Only problem was that I felt that in order to write it properly, I had to share my actual numbers and well… when I do my budget the numbers don’t match. Like really don’t match. It’s kind of like an exercise in confusion. There is ABSOLUTELY no way I should be able to do 95% of the things I do and yet somehow I manage to find the money I need to do them. Honestly, I feel like I should hang my head in shame. But it’s OK, because from this point on, I’m (with your help) am going to work towards turning things around. 

2015-03 Budget Challenge

My plan is to join Stacy from Adventures in Coupons in her 2015 Budget Challenge. In January, I discovered YNAB (* YouNeedABudget.com *) WOW was that an eye opener. For years I’ve been using an excel spread sheet, and although it was OK it just wasn’t great. So I read a couple of posts about YNAB and decided to see what all the hype was about. I signed up for the free trial period and knew instantly that this was something that I wanted. So much better, and the best part, you can see everything on one screen. 

2015-02 YNAB

Using my old system, I would just pay the things that I had to and leave the rest for when I had extra money. This is not a good way to operate. But it is what I was doing. 

So this year I promised myself that 2015 would be different (don’t we all say that every year?). I was going to make my way through Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps (I most likely won’t complete them all this year, but if I can make it to baby step #2 I’ll be happy) and get my act in gear. 

So like every year, I sat down and figured out exactly what I was going to need to make it through this year. Here’s what I came up with: 

Category  Sub-Category  Monthly  Annually 
Housing Rent  $500.00 $6,000.00 
  Phone Deductible  29.20  350.00
Food Groceries   116.00  1,392.00
  Restaurants  40.00  480.00
Transportation Fuel  300.00  3,600.00
  Car Deductible  83.40  1,000.00
  Car Insurance  98.80  1,185.00
  Drivers License  5.90  70.00
  Oil Change  8.40  100.00
  Tire Change Over  14.60  175.00
  Tires – Summer  83.40  1,000.00
  Tires – Winter  83.40  1,000.00
  Tune Up  14.60  175.00
Clothing Cleaning  5.00  60.00
  Everyday  5.00  60.00
  Exercise  5.00  60.00
  Special Occasion  5.00  60.00
  Work  5.00  60.00
Medical Dentist  20.90  250.00
  Infusion Parking  1.00  12.00
  Optometrist  16.70  200.00
  Prescriptions  100.00  1,200.00
Personal Hair Dye   10.00  120.00
  Haircut  20.00  240.00
  Toiletries  5.00  60.00
  Waxing  17.50  210.00
Membership Fees Capital One   5.00  60.00
  Political   0.80  10.00
  YNAB   6.50  78.00
Recreation  Entertainment   25.00  300.00
  Vacation   25.00  300.00
Pets Annual Check Up   17.10  205.00
  Cat Food   31.40  376.80
  Cat Litter   10.00  120.00
  Dog Food   51.60  619.20
  Dog Licence  1.70  20.00
  Parasiticides  17.10  205.00
  Emergency Fund   83.40  1,000.00
  Rabies Vaccination   27.10  325.00
  Training  15.00  180.00
  Treats  10.00  120.00
The Q H Blogging Conferences   125.00  1,500.00
  Blue Hosting  11.30  135.00
  goDaddy   1.70  20.00
  Hootsuite   11.30  135.00
  Materials   50.00  600.00
  Office Supplies  10.00  120.00
  PicMonkey  3.40  40.00
  Tailwind   11.30  135.00
Debt Car Loan   250.00  2,000.00
  MasterCard   50.00  600.00
  Personal Student Loan   50.00  600.00
  Student Loan   648.30  7,779.60
  VISA   50.00  600.00
Gifts   Birthdays    25.00  300.00
  Christmas  58.40  700.00
Savings  Annual Expenses     
  Emergency Fund   83.40  1,000.00
  RSP (House Down payment)  310.00  3,720.00
 Totals    $3,669.60  $43,022.60

There is however a couple of issues with this budget. The biggest being that I don’t make that much money per month. The other being that some of those expenses are not every year, some are every other year, every three years, every 4 years or even every 5 years. So I worked my numbers out for the next 5 years, and averaged the totals. From there I changed up the budget a bit: 

Category  Sub-Category   Monthly  Annually 
Housing Rent  $500.00 $6,000.00
Food  Groceries   116.00   1,392.00 
  Restaurants   40.00   480.00 
Transportation  Fuel   300.00   3,600.00 
Recreation  Entertainment   25.00   300.00 
Pets  Cat Food   31.40   376.80 
  Cat Litter   10.00   120.00 
  Dog Food   51.60   619.20 
The Q H  Materials   50.00   600.00 
Debt  Car Loan   250.00   2,000.00 
  MasterCard   50.00  600.00
  Personal Student Loan   50.00   600.00 
  Student Loan  648.30   7,779.60 
  VISA   50.00   600.00 
Savings Annual Expenses   780.00   9,360.00 
  Emergency Fund   83.40   1,000.00 
  RSP   310.00   3,720.00 
Totals    $3,345.70  $39,147.60 

This is much easier for me to manage and I’m still saving for all of my “Annual Expenses (regardless of which year I need them)” every month, so I can pay the bill when it comes due, I’m just not worrying about where to put the money until the bill comes due. It’s also over $300.00 a month less. Win Win, especially when you consider that I still don’t make this much money, which means that I’m going to have to get creative and find ways to make more money. 

At this point I am averaging around $1,000 a month so to make all of my required payments I will have to increase my income by $2,345.70 a month. 

Because of this, I’m using YNAB a bit differently than most people. I’ve filled in my monthly budgets for the year with the payments that I need to make, and as I work through each month, I will disperse my the income I am able to make to each of the categories in order of priority (Rent, Groceries, Fuel, Pet Food, RRSPs – keeping the tax man away should always be a priority, then Debt payments, Savings, Materials, Entertainment, Restaurants, with anything left over going towards the debt with the lowest balance). 

So that is my budget for the year, there may be small changes to it as the year progresses, but I don’t really anticipate many. The biggest change that I’m hoping for is in income (so I can actually pay for everything). I’d love for you to join me next month to see how I did at increasing my income and sticking to my budget. And don’t forget to stop by Adventures in Coupons to say hi to Stacy. 

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